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Support to S&R Operations in Indonesia with THEMIS SAR

Updated: May 16, 2023

THEMIS SAR is an Incident Management System for the planning and coordination of Search & Rescue operations developed by CLS for Rescue Coordination Centers (RCC).

Missing Barge SAR

Based on the IAMSAR* Manual from the IMO and ICAO, THEMIS SAR increases the efficiency of Search and Rescue operations and helps determine search areas, estimate required resources, calculate search patterns, facilitating vital decision making.

Its key points are its consistency with Cospas-Sarsat alerts (sit-185 format), with built-in communication tools for coordination and advanced mapping tools. Its responsive design allows clients to receive and read actionable and powerful information anywhere. The application is accessible from a web browser, allowing quick deployment and full accessibility.

In addition to access to different management modules (SRU database, list of recipients, users, etc.), Themis SAR relies on core functionalities such as drift models (IAMSAR-based and in-house), already embedded meteorologic and oceanographic data (wind, current...) and the possibility of integrating data sources (AIS, VMS, Spidertrack, LRIT, satellite images, etc.).

For each incident, THEMIS SAR establishes rescue scenarios by calculating a search area based on the calculation of the drift of the searched object (SAE, Search Area Evaluation) and allows the allocation of Search and Rescue Units to this area (aircrafts, helicopters, The CLS developed drift model, is fully compatible with IAMSAR guidelines, as well has the capability to integrate the maritime surface picture around the reported incident. vessels...).

Support to a SAR operation of a tank barge in Natuna Sea, Indonesia.

On January 29, 2023, an Indonesian flagged tank barge was lost in the Natuna Sea, Indonesia, loaded with cargo of approximately 4,900 MT.

The last known position was provided by the CLS transmitter deployed on the tugboat.

CLS was contacted by his client on Monday morning, January 30.

SAR supporting application

With CLS’ THEMIS SAR drift model, we calculated the drift of the tank barge since its last known location, and until the search mission planned on Tuesday morning, when the weather would allows it..

The weather conditions, such as wind and sea-surface current are very decisive regarding the drift. CLS experts can precisely extrapolate the direction of the drift. On that day that was South-South-East.

THEMIS SAR Feature for SAR Operation

These results were provided for an immediate activation by the client of air search crews for a planned departure on the next morning, due to weather conditions.

Additional satellite images from Sentinel1A were as well scrutinized by CLS’ analysts, showing with a resolution of 20 meters the Karimata Strait where the tank barge was supposedly located.


On January 31, thanks to THEMIS SAR and CLS support, the tank barge was finally located around 06:56 UTC time ', not far from point D, inside the rectangle showed above.

A tug was immediately deployed to reconnect with its barge in the next following hours.

Lost Barge Recovered in SAR Operation

Our customer CEO said: “CLS assistance has been impressive in terms of efficiency and accuracy. In such a situation and weather conditions, every hour counts, and their support was essential. We have used the services of CLS for many years to monitor our maritime fleet and assets. Such capability is obviously very reassuring for a CEO and a clear differentiator from competitors.”

Improve management of operations and reduce costs.

Using THEMIS SAR, RCC’s can reduce the duration of operations and increase their success rate. It enhances rescue response and optimizes the allocation of material assets and human resources.

THEMIS SAR is a leading SAR solution used by national and regional coordination centres. Our team of experts participates in industry related events and regulatory meetings, ensuring that our solution continually improves and adheres to best practice whilst exploiting advances in innovative satellite-based technologies. We provide a full turnkey solution, from first contact to post implementation support.

* International aeronautical and maritime search and rescue manual published by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)


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