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VELA is a low-cost ARGOS/GPS transmitter specifically designed for fishery vessel monitoring. It automatically transmits the position, speed and heading of the vessel by the Argos satellite constellation. The transmitter is registered and approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affair and Fisheries.



The Triton Iridium beacon is specially designed for fishing vessel monitoring. It automatically transmits the position, speed, and heading of the fishing vessel thanks to the Iridium satellite system.
The Triton transmitter is robust, highly reliable and easy-to-install.
Triton Advanced has the same benefits than the Triton terminal and can also transmit/receive catch reports, emails, weather data, etc. on demand. It connects to android tablet with Bluetooth or laptop via USB port to send/receive emails, electronic catch reports, weather bulletins…



NEMO is the first all-in-one system specifically designed for monitoring and protecting small-scale fisheries. NEMO offers hybrid global connectivity, using GPRS/IoT networks in coastal areas and automatically switching to satellite systems when the vessel moves outside the range of terrestrial networks.

Services range from basic delivery of data collected and processed in CLS’ data center, data integration with client’s fisheries monitoring center and access to CLS’ web platform for data visualization, alert management and customized analytics.


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