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Metocean services

Collect meteorological and oceanographic data in support of your coastal and offshore project


Surface displacement monitoring (InSAR technology)

Monitor, secure your strategic ground surface motion and displacement, get historical analysis.

  • Open pit & underground Mines

  • Mining assets

  • Oil&Gaz offshore platform

  • Oil&Gaz assets

  • Onshore plant

Tre-Altramira Oil & Gas Solution

Tre-Altamira Mining Solution

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Vessel Fleet Monitoring System

Secure, monitor, anticipate, optimize, report your vessel fleet activities and your maritime operations. CLS is a global leader in Vessel Monitoring Systems. We offer robust range of transponders that provide guaranteed secure data transmission. Our packages include robust satellite transponders and cost-effective satellite communication services.

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Vessel Fuel Monitoring System

Monitor, report and ensure the fuel consumption and the bunkering of your vessels is accurate

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Pollution & environment impact mitigation

Monitor Maritime Protected Area, Detect oil spills pollution, Model marine pollution drift

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Wildlife monitoring & impact mitigation

Monitor, collect, process, cross check wild life data and modelling, mitigate impact

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