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Wildlife and animal tracking

CLS ARGOS INDONESIA gives full solutions for tracking, collecting, processing and cross-referencing data, and for modelling ecosystems.

ARGOS Wildlife Monitoring System

Pollutions & environment impact mitigation

Monitor Maritime Protected Area, Detect oil spills pollution and polluter, Model marine debris pollution drift

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Oceans monitoring

Some hundred ocean specialists provide daily data to the international scientific community for measuring, observing, modelling and forecasting sea states both on the surface and subsurface.

ARGOS Oceanographic Data

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Forestry, mangrove monitoring

Monitor, map forestation, deforestation, mangrove plantation, crops, get historical analysis, vulnerability studies

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IUU fishing detection services

Monitor fishing activities, detect Illegal, Unreported, Undeclared (IUU) fishing activities, get automatic alerts and reports

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Local communities fishing traceability and monitoring

Implement and support the local community of fishermen revenue through traceability support data, monitor the temperature chain of their catch

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Fishing recommendation 

Manage, optimize, anticipate fishing activities with marine ecosystem models, forecast, hindcasts, get support to stock assessment

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