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Maritime Domain Awareness

Understand, prevent, manage, control the events and activities occurring at sea

CLS Maritime Domain Awareness

Maritime Security.jpg

Fishing Monitoring Centre and VMS compliance

Implement certified VMS, manage and operate all fishing activities through Fishing Data Centre (FMC)


LRIT Data Centre

Manage and operate LRIT  flag data centre. CLS develops, delivers and operates Data Centers on behalf of maritime administrations. Your Data Centre can be hosted either by your administration or by CLS (in house operated H24 on your behalf).


Search & Rescue Centre

Ensure the safety of the ships in their Search & Rescue (SAR) areas and rapid response in case of an incident

  • COSPAS-SARSAT Alert management : state-of–the-art, fully secure data centre with trained operators available 24/7

  • External data access (tracking and marine intelligence)

  • Drift model : Top-of-the-line model integrate wind and ocean models to best predict zones for rescue efforts

  • Data management portal


IUU fishing detection services

Monitor fishing activities, detect Illegal, Unreported, Undeclared (IUU) fishing activities, get automatic alerts and reports

IUU fishing.png

Pollution & environment impact mitigation services

Monitor Maritime Protected Area, Detect oil spills pollution and polluter, Model marine pollution drift

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