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PT CLS Indonesia: Innovation in Fuel Consumption Control

Since 2004, we have developed, customized, and implemented efficient solutions to secure, control and optimize the vessel fleets of numerous institutions and companies of the fishing, shipping, energy, tourism and maritime transport sector in Indonesia. Thousands of vessels have been using our onboard services here for many years. There must be a very good reason.

PT CLS Indonesia proposes global solutions based on local needs and go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with its clients.

You want to support your crew or your customer in distress situation at sea? You must optimize your high operational costs? You lack good information about our maritime operations? You need to establish clear communication channel at reasonable cost? You must ensure your end customer the fish was kept at the right temperature? You want accurate data about fuel consumption to avoid risk of theft?

We have a solution for you!

Today we are going to focus on a widely proven solution monitoring the accurate fuel consumption on board ships.

How to control the ships’ fuel consumption?

Our solution is simple, effective, unfalsifiable, proven.

With us you enjoy the quality of international standards, and high-quality reliable products and services, together with the capability of our local maintenance center and implementation services all over Indonesia. Our tailored solution is meant to any fleet manager who wants to dramatically reduce fuel consumption costs and improve the follow-up of his ships and the safety of his crew.

Our proposal? A fuel monitoring system

The proposal consists in an integrated solution to monitor the vessels fuel consumption, and to optimize and monitor the fleet performance. The whole system consists of Coriolis flow meters, RPM Sensors, Iridium based CLS terminal, a SATbox data logger and powerful web monitoring platform to display and report all the acquired data from the vessel. Hundreds of vessels are equipped with our system in Indonesia.

No more lack of information

Easy to operate, stable communication, enabling anticipation to fleet managers by giving additional information the system is proven to control fuel consumption in Indonesia. Automatic reports & alerts, onboard emails, tracking data, RPM & fuel consumption data and bunker information are the usual tools we provide to fleet managers for an improved and cost-effective management of their fleet.

Moreover, the return on investment is there from the first year.


Monitor or measure precisely the fuel consumption of the vessel fleet and reduce operational costs:

  • Return on investment from the first year

  • Low maintenance

  • High level accuracy measurement

  • Reliable

  • Daily reports and online alerts

  • Command center and onboard application

‘’We bought the fuel monitoring system from CLS. We found out CLS proposes a better price, the data is quite stable compared to our previous system, still using the high recommended type of flowmeters, and more importantly the aftersales and technical support is very good and beyond the requirements of Petronas. Another strength of PT CLS is the seamless support, with local office and workshops, and a fast-responding team.’’

Testimony of an Anchor Handling Tug vessel working in Petronas Platform Area in east Java, which has been using this service for more than 2 years.


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