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How Can Space Help Mangrove Management?

Updated: May 16, 2023


Real carbon pumps, mangroves constitute a real bulwark against the impacts of climate change, but they are also threatened. With the rise in water levels, they are also a key element against land salinization; not to mention their economic and ecosystemic wealth which make them treasures for many countries.

Yet mangroves are disappearing 3 to 5 times faster than global forest loss, with severe ecological and socio-economic impacts. Current estimates indicate that mangrove cover has halved over the past 40 years.

At CLS, our experts in forest management, wetlands, and large area satellite observation are positioned as integrators and single-source providers of solutions for a healthy, sustainably managed mangrove.

Mangrove Detection

With references in Indonesia, Brazil, the United States or even Europe, CLS offers:

a multi-sensor and multi-source approach for the assessment of the state of the mangrove at any given moment;

tools to monitor the evolution of these mangroves, enforce regulations, fight against illegal deforestation;

models to predict their evolution and anticipate their degradation but also to measure the impact of their state on the increase, or not, of the risk of submersion or intrusion of saline waters;

and, models to measure the impact of replanting on coastal areas and thus fight against the risks related to climate change (coastal erosion, tsunami risk, etc.).

Mangrove Ecosystem

With the experience and expertise of a group that includes CLS, PT CLS Indonesia and

Woods Hole Group, all subsidiaries of the CLS Group we will accompany you in the sustainable management of a mangrove that is key to a prosperous coastal economy, a healthy ecosystem and an irreplaceable natural barrier.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our solutions!


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