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Metocean Measurement for Oil&Gas

Updated: May 10, 2023

We only live from experience and offshore energies in Indonesia are no exception to the rule.

Indonesia has acquired its credentials in weather and oceanographic forecasting with the successful Maritime Meteorology System with BMKG, which will place soon our country among the most advanced nations in metocean forecasting.

The expertise established through this project, together with the skills that have existed for more than 30 years within the CLS Group in the application of metocean forecasts to the world of offshore energy, are decisive.

Oil Platform

Today and in the future, energy supply is strategic, and the energy independence of states is a constant concern, especially in these troubled times.

With the support and experience of CLS Southern Africa, Woods Hole Group and PROOCEANO, all CLS subsidiaries, we have built and adapted an offer for offshore energy operators, mainly oil and gas, but also to accompany them in their transition to decarbonized energies, as is the case in Europe and the United States, where wind farm projects involving the CLS Group are multiplying.

Maritime Environment Monitoring and Assessment for the Offshore Industry

Our solutions include in situ measurements of sea state, winds, waves and meteorological conditions.

Global metocean CLS experts deliver data on weather and ocean conditions for energy operators and support them in the provision of meteorological and oceanic data, for an in-depth knowledge of winds, currents, waves, water quality and the marine environment, and a better understanding of the studied area.

This information is strategic for the operators to assess the potential risks and limit their environmental impact and to optimize offshore operations.

What are we doing for offshore energy operators?


· Metocean Mooring Design & Installation

· System Integration

· Static & Mobile Systems

· Marine Environmental Studies

· Live Data Display


· Satellite Data Acquisition

· Processing & Display

· Pollution Detection & Tracking

· Water Quality Monitoring

· Wind Resource Assessment


· Detect, characterize, monitor, and simulate oil spills

· Support Search & Rescue operations

Metocean Buoy

A global experiment with energy operators serving the Indonesian market.

CLS Group's experience in the collection of meteorological and oceanic data is an essential decision-making aid for offshore operators. By providing knowledge of operational ocean conditions for offshore operations and engineering design, by studying the marine environment and finding a balance between conservation of marine ecosystems and human activities, by managing ocean observation campaigns, we accompany energy operators worldwide for more than 30 years. And now, in Indonesia.


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