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In Indonesia, Satellites Are Used to Monitor Mine Sites and Limit Risks

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Ground deformations induced by mining drillings are sources of potential accidents that can be avoided thanks to satellite data imagery.

Mining operations benefit from real-time monitoring from space almost everywhere in the world, and the coal and gold mines operated in Indonesia are no exception.

The mining sector is a relatively new and fast-growing market for PT CLS Indonesia, our Indonesian subsidiary based in Jakarta.

PT CLS is now delivering the cutting-edge InSAR solution designed by TRE Altamira, another CLS Group company, to secure many of the mining sites in the archipelago, and to improve prevention, communication and the safety of the areas that could be affected in the event of an accident.

An original solution has been put in place, a surveillance from space, thanks to satellites that orbit at an altitude of more than 600 km and which, however, have the capacity to measure with great precision what is happening on the ground.

These radar satellites, combined with the InSAR expertise of our subsidiary TRE ALTAMIRA, based in Europe, the United States and Canada, have enabled the monitoring of around 10 mining sites in Indonesia.

This innovative technique allows for close monitoring of deformations that could threaten the solidity of the installation. This increases the security of mining sites.

To go further, satellite radar imagery is widely used to monitor infrastructure in urban areas, bridges, dams, railroads, land deformations, or natural disasters. Nothing escapes the millimetric insight of the InSAR technique.

No intervention, optimized monitoring costs, the gain is valuable and avoids going to the field, allowing a significant economic advantage.

Securing installations, reinforcing vigilance, providing decisive results for civil protection organizations, the role of satellites is definitely more and more wide-ranging and addresses all sectors of our daily life.

SATELLITE INTERFEROMETRY, enables continuous monitoring of mining sites in Indonesia and automatic analysis of speed variations in historical displacement data.


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