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Get the support and expertise for your dredging, offshore sand mining, bank stabilization, port infrastructure project...

Coastal science engineering for

Coastal and port civil engineering, authorities...

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Manage, optimize, anticipate fishing activities with marine ecosystem models, forecast, hindcasts

Fishing recommendation for

Ship owner, fisheries, NGO's, authorities...

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Increase your revenue through traceability support data, monitor the temperature chain of your catch

Fishing traceability and monitoring for

Ship owners, fisheries, NGO's, authorities...

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Monitor, map forestation, deforestation, mangrove plantation, crops, get historical analysis

Forestry, mangrove, agriculture monitoring for

Authorities, NGO's, Agro-industries, ...

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Monitor, secure your strategic ground surface motion and displacement, get historical analysis

Ground motion monitoring (InSAR) for

Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil engineering, Geohazards...

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Monitor fishing activities, detect Illegal, Unreported, Undeclared (IUU) fishing activities, get automatic alerts and reports

IUU fishing detection services for

Authorities, NGO's, local governments, ...

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Get certified LRIT compliance test, manage and operate LRIT  flag data centre

LRIT compliance and Data Centre for

Ship owners, Maritime Authorities...

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Secure, monitor, anticipate, optimize, report your truck fleet activities and your land operations

Land transport and mobility monitoring for

Trucks owners, NGO's, cities, ...

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Understand, prevent, manage, control the events and activities occurring at sea

Maritime Domain Awareness for

Defence, Maritime Authorities, Law enforcement...

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Implement meteorological systems, outsource maintenance and support services, onboard bulletins

Meteorology systems and services for

Authorities, Ports, Shipping, Oil & Gas, Mining...

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Collect meteorological and oceanographic data in support of your coastal and offshore project

Metocean services for

Oil & Gas, Mining, Port civil engineering...

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Monitor Maritime Protected Area, Detect oil spills pollution and polluter, Model marine pollution drift

Pollution & environment impact mitigation for

Authorities, NGO's, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industries...

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