Sea Operation

CLS ARGOS INDONESIA ensure vessel geolocation and possibility of alert anytime anywhere with CLS 24/7 worldwide monitoring centre. We also provide fuel monitoring system solution for companies who would like to optimize their fleet fuel consumption. Metocean services is also part of our services, we supply actionable services such as forecast, measurement, survey, monitoring and observation to optimize security, time and cost at sea.



For mining industry, CLS Argos Indonesia supplies INSAR data which could be used for:

  • Mine-wide operations: dense point coverage to monitor ground instabilities over the entire mine site, detection of possible precursory motion.

  • Open Pit & Underground Mines: monitor stability inside the pit, pit rim and surroundings, surface effect of underground block caving and long-wall mining .

  • Mining Assets: stability monitoring of infrastructure and assets: tailings storage facilities, waste piles, leach pads, conveyor belts, buildings, etc.

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Tre-Altamira Mining Solution

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