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  • Oceanographic Data
    CLS offers ocean data services across a broad spectrum of applications which will help you to predict climate change, managing marine resources, preservate fish stocks, pollution tracking.
    CLS offers you a solution for anchor handling operation with a customable application, developed for your special needs.
  • Metaocean for Offshore
    CLS provides the Oil & Gas industry a complete Metaocean solutions for offshore community. Which will help you in equipment design optimization, ensure your safety and protect the environment
  • Wild Life
    More than 7,000 animals including birds, marine and land mammals are tracked constantly using miniaturized Argos transmitters which allows wildlife biologists to better understand animals.
  • Vessel Traffic Management System
    Managing ports, detecting ilegal activities, guarding borders, CLS is ready to deliver you the best VTMS solution.
    CLS proposes a complete range of LRIT and SSAS products and services. Has operated satellite systems for vessel tracking for over 20 years, CLS is offering you the best possible accompaniment in LRIT and SSAS implementation.
  • Satellites Processing System
    CLS designs, supplies and implements systems to meet its customers' requirements around the world. With space systems becoming ever more complex, integrated solutions, comprising are increasingly the rule.
  • Vessel Monitoring System
    Experinced over 20 years in VMS, CLS is now monitoring 12000 fishing vessel in 60 different countries. Where 2000 are located in Indonesia.

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